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... proudly serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas.
We are committed to providing you with the best products and service
for all your concrete repair and restoration needs.
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Looks nicer and lasts longer than mudjacking
or polyurethane foam injections. 
Did you know … ?

Did you know that you can have your settled sidewalks, driveway, patio and garage pad repaired without removing and replacing? 

Virtually any poured concrete slab can be repaired!

Do you need a preventative solution to reduce future damage by filling the voids beneath your concrete slab?

We can provide you with a long lasting and cost effective solution for all your settled concrete needs.
Is there an option other than mudjacking or polyurethane foam injections?

Yes, there is!  Give us an opportunity to come by to meet with you and we can explain the differences between our product and method, versus how others do it. 

In fact, approximately 30% of our business has been repairing previously mudjacked or polyurethane foam injected concrete slabs.

Things you should consider before choosing a company to fix your settled concrete:

How many holes are needed to fix the settled concrete slab?
What type of material is being put under your concrete slab?
What will the end result look like?

All projects will be repaired using a true cementitious grout which:

Will flow beneath the concrete slab and fill any voided areas;
Will displace any water that might be laying beneath the concrete slab;
Will not wash away;
Will stabilize the existing ground;
Will set-up hard; and
Once set-up, it cannot be compressed.

Low's Concrete Leveling Solutions is committed to providing you the best product and service for your concrete  
repair and restoration.

Using over 30 years of knowledge and experience gained in the industry, we have designed and manufactured  
a custom grouting unit. This self contained unit has been designed to mix and pump our cementitious grout  
from one on-site location. We simply run the required length of hose from our truck to the area to be repaired.

In order to repair your settled concrete, we pump our cementitious grout beneath your slab.

We use a 1½” hole, cut using a diamond core bit, for the injection point. Once we have completed the repair  
of your problem concrete, we can replace that core so that you are left with an almost indistinguishable patch.  

The use of our product allows for far fewer injection point requirements than typical mud jacking, which means  
even less possibility of seeing patches. Ideal for exposed aggregate or stamped concrete pads. 
You can expect a completely enhanced look for your concrete pads and walks.

This not only increases your curb appeal but also contributes to a much safer enviroment while assisting in proper drainage of your home or buildings.
Our old concrete pad behind our house lives again!! Before we had to pick and choose where the items could be placed because of uneven surfaces everywhere. Now the whole pad is usable again. Thanks Guys!

Kevin, Sherwood Park
Excellent, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Low’s exceeded our expectations of the results of what could
be done with this challenge of sunken and broken old concrete. Great value.

Kent, Sherwood Park
We are very happy with the service Jamie and his Dad provided. They are prompt, do a great job and take pride in
their work. I would highly recommend them for any concrete leveling work that is required. I will pass their name on
happily to friends, family or work associates. Thanks Jamie

Renee, Sherwood Park
Impressed with the quality of work and product

Patrick, Sherwood Park
Excellent product and extremely pleased with our driveway. The customer service is superb!

Val & Rob, Sherwood Park
The job was completed in a very efficient time frame, excellent customer service and they
actually care about the customers.  I would highly recommend the company to my family and
friends at the drop of a hat!  Good job Jamie!!

Steve, Leduc
Very impressed with the quick and clean completion of our work.  Jamie and his father were courteous, respectful
of our property and we are extremely satisfied with their work
Janice, Sherwood Park
A job well done at a reasonable price, very pleasant and tidy folks. Even my neighbour commented on
how everything was cleaned up and washed down at the end of the job.

Ken, Beaumont
We appreciate the prompt response and the quality of work performed to repair our garage floor, driveway,
sidewalk and crack in the cement floor in our washing area.  Your company carried out the repairs in a
competent and professional manner.

Marcel, Edmonton
The results are great and the professionalism of the company was excellent.

Steve, Edmonton
It turned out just as I expected … good job!

Dale, Edmonton
Very happy with the job, including cleanup.  It was a pleasure dealing with Jamie and his entire crew.

Tom, Beaumont
My steps look great now! Thanks for doing such a good job and completing it when you said you would.

Diane, Leduc
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